–  The principal purpose of this encyclopedia is to popularize the subject of ancient Greek dance, making it accessible to the general public. Facilitating studies by researchers comes second.

–  We endeavor to elucidate ancient dance by looking at it through the eyes of Greek folk dance and eventually other dance forms. In the same way there is a continuity in language, we believe there is a continuity in dance (albeit less pronounced since dance is not documented as language) and music.

–  Work for this project started in 1991 on the occasion of the International Congress “Dance and Ancient Greece” which took place in Athens that year with about 200 participants. Proceedings were published then in two volumes. Some articles were later included in the books Dance and Ancient Greece (in Greek) and Orchesis. Texus on ancient Greek Dance. 

–  A companion website for this encyclopedia is the website Ancient Greek Dance. Pandect of textual and pictorial sources

–  We try to present as fully as possible ancient sources of information, as well as modern comments and interpretations.

–  Diverging or even opposing views will be presented, as well as extrapolations and speculations. Data from ancient sources being scarce, we recognize the need to fill the gaps in order to get an adequate picture.

–  Responsibility for editorial decisions and legal matters rests solely with the editor.